Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 267, November 6

Today is my mother's birthday.  Even though she has been gone for 16 years, I miss her still.  I frequently find myself wishing that she were here to see how her grandchildren have grown up and my grandchildren are growing up.

A child of the Great Depression, Mom grew up poor.  That only whetted her appetite for learning.  She never had the opportunity to go to college.  Instead, she went to business school and learned secretarial skills.  From there, she traveled from her small town home in Eastern Tennessee to Washington, DC to get a job and send money home for her mother and three siblings.

Later in life, she worked as a substitute teacher in the high school which my sister and I attended.  She loved the students, and they loved her.

So, for today and for everyday, I am grateful for my mother.


  1. Hi Jane, I think about Grandma Georgia on a daily basis. It reminds me that important relationships are created by a series of small gestures--weekly phone calls, letters, cards, newspaper clippings. Thank your for your remembrance of her birthday. Happy birthday Georgia! You are remembered, loved and dearly missed.

  2. Devin and I were just talking the other day about Grandma Georgia about whether she went to college or not. I didn't think she had but really wasn't quite sure. Thank you for sharing this history.