Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 318, Dec 27

Christmas Day is past, but the season is still upon us.  I rejoice in that, in this most holy time of year.  At the same time, I am saddened when we fail to pay homage to Christ as the center of the season.

A week ago, my husband and I attended our granddaughter Reynna's Christmas choir program.  It was lovely.  Needless to say, Reynna was the star.  (Hey, I'm a proud grandma--I make no apologies for that.)  The only problem with the program was that it was labeled "A Winter Holiday."  There was no mention of Christ or Christmas.

I understand the political correctness of using a salutation that will satisfy everyone.  The only problem with that is that it doesn't satisfy everyone.  It doesn't satisfy me.  But, much more importantly, I can't believe that it satisfies the Lord.

Here we are celebrating His glorious birth and we fail to even say His name for fear that we will be seen as insensitive.  What about our sensitivity to Him?  What about our reverence for Him?  What about our gratitude to Him?  How can we profess to honor Him when we fear to even utter His name?

Forgive me if I appear to be ranting.  That is not my intention.  But I cannot remain still when I look around and see our reticience if not downright refusal to put Christ into the the season, into our lives.

So, for today, I am grateful for those who eschew political correctness and embrace the Lord's name.

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