Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 325, December 1

Today is December 1.

For many, New Year's Day is a day of reflection, of goal-setting, of trying to get your life on track--again.  For me, this process starts in December.  In trying to figure out why this is, I came up with a couple of answers.

One: The busy-ness of December can cloud priorities and values.  Though it sounds counter-intuitive, making time to reflect on those priorities and values can restore a measure of peace to the days and deflect some of the busy-ness.

Two:  The buying of gifts causes me to do some self-evaluation:  what do I want in life and what do I want my children and grandchildren to have.  Material gifts are fun, but gifts from the heart matter far more.

Third:  And most important.  Remembering that the Savior should be the center of our activities and thoughts (as He should be throughout the year) requires me to focus on what is truly important ... and what is not.

Joy for today:  reflecting, evaluating, remembering.

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