Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 333, December 9

Colorado's weather changes faster than a teenage girl's moods.  Bright and sunny one day; cold and gloomy the next.  As I was pondering upon this, I realize that my own moods undergo lightning-quick changes.  Like the weather, I am "bright and sunny" one day, "cold and gloomy" the next.

What makes the difference?  Part of it is brain chemistry.  Part of it is the weather itself:  when the sun appears, I am more likely to be upbeat and happy; when the sun disappears, my happy self disappears as well.  And part of it is my attitude.

I mentioned attitude in a recent post.  What power it has.  Given that only I can determine my attitude, why do I seem determined at times to have a poor one?  I excuse it, telling myself and others that life is hard and that I'm entitled to my bad attitude.  That is, to use a phrase from decades ago, a cop-out.  As I have little patience for those who have an air of entitlement, claiming that the world owes them a living, I should have little patience for my own sense of entitlement.  Yet one more thing where I need to improve.

Joy for today:  banishing excuses for a poor attitude.

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