Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 347, December 23

It is two days before Christmas.  Do you feel the excitement in the air?  The rustling of wrapping paper as children (and some of us older children) shake presents, caught up in the mystery and delight of the season.

There is another kind of excitement, that of remembering the reason for the season:  the birth of Christ.  Though we know that the Savior was not really born at this time, we celebrate His birth, His life, His Atonement at this time.

That is the real gift of Christmas:  the Atonement. The knowledge He has paid for our sins, has paid for our weaknesses, has paid for our tears and pain and heartache.  That is the miracle of Christmas.   That is the miracle of life.

If we take upon ourselves His name, if we forsake the worldly trappings that we are too frequently caught up in, we can return to live with Him and the Father at some time.

Joy for today:  accepting the Miracle of the Atonement.

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