Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 103, April 13

At last week's General Conference, a speaker reminded the listeners of the importance of gratitude.  However, he did not say that we should be grateful for things.  Rather, he emphasized that we should be grateful in things.  A small but important difference.

Three years and several months ago, I started this blog as a reminder to me to be more grateful for things.  Variations on that theme have followed, including this year's Joy in the Journey.  This speaker reminded us that it is easy to be grateful for things when our lives are going well.  It is more difficult to be grateful in things when we're in the midst of a crisis, whether it be of health, faith, finances, etc.  But, he said, if we can find gratitude in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, we will elevate ourselves in ways we had not foreseen.

For one who has difficulty being grateful for things, I wondered if I could do this.  Could I be grateful when I see a child struggling to be obedient to the Lord's commands?  Could I be grateful for health problems family members are experiencing?  Could I be grateful in financial setbacks?  Could I be grateful in a book rejection?

Tbe questions taunt me.  At the same time, they challenge me.

Joy for today:  being grateful in all things.

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  1. What a beautiful post and words. Thanks for this careful distinction and reminder.