Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 92, April 2

The other day in the grocery store, I saw a young father walking behind his little girl (probably about  2 1/2 years old) as she pushed a miniature grocery cart.  He handed her items from the shelves which she carefully tucked inside her cart.

I smiled to myself, thinking that it must double his shopping time to complete his task this way, but he did it with infinite patience and love.

It made me think of our Heavenly Father, walking behind us, patiently waiting for us to master what He could do in mere minutes.  Isn't that the way with true fathers?  They walk behind, waiting to catch us when we fall,  patient with our stumblings and fumblings.

Joy for today:  watching a sweet father in action.


  1. What a sweet scene that must have been. So precious.

  2. Joy for today: trying to create such moments when what I really feel like is patiently pulling out all my hair, one strand at a time.