Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 116, April 26

"Nothing is ever lost by courtesy.  It is the cheapest of the pleasures; costs nothing and conveys much.  It pleases him who gives and him who receives, thus, like mercy, is twice blessed."--Erastus Wiman

As I re-read yesterday's post, I realized that it sounded a bit harsh and condemning.  That is not my intention for this blog.  Today, I'd like to give an example of a courtesy extended to me.

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a thinking-of-you card to a friend.  I was rewarded in her thanks to me, both in person and in writing.  Can you believe it?  She sent me a card thanking me for sending her a card.  This lady takes courtesy to a whole new level.  Her thoughtfulness elevated my simple act and lifted my heart.

Joy for today:  being twice blessed by a courtesy.

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