Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 109, April 19

I found the following story in the International Business Times from several years ago:

A 16-year old boy in Hebei, China, Lui Shi Ching, had carried his friend to school daily for the previous eight years.  His friend Lu Shao had a congenital disorder that made it difficult to talk.  Lui Shi Ching, smaller than Lu shao, decided to help carry him home one day when Lu Shao's mother didn't make it (to school) on time to pick him up.  Since then, he carried Lu Shao to and from school and even to restrooms.  Lui Shi Ching didn't even tell his own parents what he was doing for four years.  When asked how he could carry such a heavy load, he said, "I was happy, helping him out."  Lu Shao wrote in his diary that Lui Shi Ching's help had lifted a dark cloud in his life and let sunshine in.

When I read this story, I was so touched that I knew I had to share it here.  What a selfless act this boy performed for his friend.  And he did it not once, not twice, but for eight years.

Joy for today:  finding such an example of love.

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