Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 104, April 14

Do you have trouble following up?  I do.  I have allowed many opportunities to slip by when I have failed to follow up.

Many years ago, I submitted a book proposal to an editor.  To my surprise, the editor wrote back, saying she would like to see the entire manuscript.  To my shame, I failed to follow up.  Any time I see this editor at a writers' conference, I cringe and pray she doesn't remember my name.

An elderly sister in our ward (church) asked me to bring her a copy of one of my books.  I promised I would do so.  Before I followed up, this sweet sister died.  I still berate myself for failing to follow up.

Fortunately, there have been instances when I have followed up.  How great is my joy that I did not let those opportunities pass by.

Joy for today:  following up.

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