Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 114, April 24

It's that time of year again.  Today marks Larry's and my 41st wedding anniversary.  As I look back at the young, naive, and very foolish girl I was then, I marvel of what I am now:  old, not so naive, but still foolish.

Larry and I have been tested in many ways.  I know I've tested him with mood swings, depression, and what he calls my "mild eccentricities."  We've survived job lay-offs, the deaths of parents, flooded basements, five teenagers, and a host of other things that most couples our age have endured.  Somehow we've stuck it out.

Recently, I asked Larry about that, how we've managed to stay together.  His reply?  "Because we made covenants.  And because we're stubborn."

Covenants made in the temple have seen us through times when I was certain we weren't going to make it.  As for being stubborn, I claim that as well.

With the Lord's help, we're still here.  Still trying to get it right.

Joy for today:  keeping covenants.  And being stubborn about the right things.



  1. congratulations.............the wild combo of covenants and stubbornness pays off in big dividends....

  2. I'm so happy and proud to say that my parents have been able to stay married for 41 years. What an accomplishment because we all know that staying married is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Much love!