Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 183, July 12

I borrowed the following from my son Rob's blog.  Rob is going through his own journey:

"In the diet world people are always saying that they will take it "one pound at a time" or "one day at a time". Chris Powell says that thinking needs to be tweaked to "keeping one promise at a time". In this process people try to set goals. And goal setting is important. But that seems like it is a lower plane than keeping promises. I can set a goal, but it lacks the built in commitment component. It will be easier to break a goal then it is a serious promise to oneself. 

"This got me thinking that life in the gospel really boils down to making and keeping covenants. Covenant making is serious business. It is on an even higher plane than just mere promises. Covenants are a two-way street with God. For now my promises are more just something made by me to me."

Doesn't he write beautifully?  I was so impressed with this passage that I earmarked it so that I can refer to it whenever I want to.

Keeping covenants isn't easy. Breaking covenants is.  As we look at our world today, we see just how easily covenants are broken.  Wives and mothers leave their husbands and abandon their children. Husbands and fathers give their allegiance to drugs and other women.  Politicians betray their countries for "perks" and prestige.

The keeping of covenants is regarded as out of date.

Joy for today:  learning from my son and keeping covenants.

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