Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 199, July 28

I found the following in my son Rob's blog:  

"'Belief gives you the power to achieve the extraordinary."--Chris Powell

 "For a long time I guess I have felt extra ordinary. I have always been fascinated by the word. How did the word come about? The absence of the space changes the word entirely. We all have the capacity to be extraordinary because we are sons and daughters of God. We have a divine destiny. But this blog is not about 'we' but about 'me.' I am a son of God. I have a divine destiny. I am born of a noble birthright. I have made covenants and will one day receive a whole slew of blessings. So today I am choosing to believe in me. I am going to believe me when I tell myself that I can do this."  (Robert Choate)

Can you see why I'm so proud of Rob?  I've told him that he should be the writer in the family.  His strength and perseverance continue to amaze me ... and to humble me.

Joy for today:  learning from a son.

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