Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 200, July 29

We have all heard of the crucible of fire.  I am going through my own crucible of fire, feeling the refining of my heart and soul  as I said goodbye to my dear and much loved sister last week.  Carla had undergone her own crucible of fire, being refined as she battled ovarian cancer for nine long years, enduring 25 chemotherapy sessions--surely that is too many for one individual to endure.

It occurred to me when I typed the word "refining" that it differs only in one small consonant  from the word "refiring."  Perhaps in being refined in my grief, I am also being refired as the the Father purifies and humbles my hardened heart and rebellious spirit.  I liken it to a piece of pottery being fired in a kiln so that it can withstand the daily use to which it will be subjected.

Joy for today:  being refined and refired.

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  1. Oh what a beautiful vessel you are becoming! A shining example for all the world to see.