Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 185, July 14

A few days ago, I received a junk phone call, asking me if my foundation were cracked.  I'm assuming they meant the foundation of my house, not my much lauded hot pink bra.

Actually, my foundation is cracked, but it's not that of my house or that of my hot pink bra.  It's my spiritual foundation, for sometimes it is cracked.  It is cracked by depression, discouragement, guilt.  It is cracked by pain, fear, loss.  It is cracked.

The only way to save this all-important foundation is to turn to the Savior, to not only believe in Him, but to believe Him.  To believe that He can save me, the most unworthy and foolishly proud of His children.

Joy for today:  saving my foundation.

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