Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 186, July 5

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to my friend Janet that I wished I had petunias planted in our front flower beds.  (Ever since my hip relacement, I find it hard to get down on the ground and crawl around.)  Three days later, Janet showed up with flats of dozens of pink and purple petunias and said, "Jane, I'm here to plant these for you."

I was stunned.  I shouldn't have been, for I have known Janet for over 37 years and know what a truly generous person she is.  Still, this was "above and beyond," even for her.

Janet, who serves as Relief Society President of our ward (the Relief Society is our church's women's organization), gives of her time and energy and means freely.  She is always busy, whether it be cleaning a sister's house, helping another sister move, taking a meal to a family with a sick member.  She does all this and more.  And still she found time to plant petunias for me.

Joy for today:  having Janet as a friend.

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