Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 34, February 3

A couple of weeks ago, the members of the church in our area had the opportunity to attend stake conference.  (At stake conference, wards gather together to hear counsel from stake leaders.)

President Crane, the stake president, reminded us that the gospel need not be complicated, nor should we try to make it so.  The gospel, the pure love of Christ, is beautiful in its simplicity.   One time I asked my husband, does the "pure love of Christ" mean loving Christ or loving like Christ.  Wisely, he said, "Both."

Can I love like Christ when I have hardness in my heart?  No.
Can I love like Christ when I fail to forgive?  No.
Can I love like Christ when I am immersed in depression?  Once again, no.

The wonderful thing is that I can change, that we can all change.  We can find that ability to change in His love and in our love for Him.

Joy for today:  finding change in Christ.

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