Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 48, February 17

A friend has a plaque in her home which reads "The most important things in life aren't things."

I love that.  I love the reminder that the things of this world, things which we've worked hard to acquire, are unimportant when compared to the truly important things:  family, friends, faith, purpose.  The purses that I love are baubles, pretty to look at, but they hold no real significance.  The room that we added to our house is wonderful, allowing us to hold all all of our family at one time, but, it, too, holds no real significance.

As I re-read the above, I realize that I recently wrote another post about this subject.  I thought about deleting this one, then decided against it.  It appears that I need constant reminders not to be caught up in the things of this world.

Joy for today:  reflecting on what's important ... and what's not.


  1. We can always use another reminder about important things, or the things that aren't important.

  2. I agree with Alanna - there can never be too many reminders of what is important. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm going to make this my mantra today when I'm tempted to be discouraged or frustrated over the ______________ that broke. Again.