Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 46, February 15

Recently I read an article entitled "A Pattern for a Joyful Life."  In it, the author compares making a life to putting together a quilt, matching and contrasting fabrics and colors.  I love the analogy.  I also love the quote she used, this time comparing making a life to weaving, another kind of needlework.

"Each of us is like a small piece of thread that contributes to the weaaving of a very large and very beautiful tapestry."--Mary Neal

I am unskilled in needlework and sewing, but I can still appreciate the metaphor of creating a life to creating a beautiful quilt or tapestry.  Each requires skill, patience, perseverance, time, humility, and, in the case of my own dubious sewing skills, a large dose of humor. 

Joy for today:  creating, whether a quilt, a tapestry, or a life.  

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