Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 51, February 20

Can you bear one more post about Emily Dickinson?  (Can you tell that when I find a subject I like, I tend to    stick with it for a while?)

Miss Dickinson was not a wealthy woman; nor was she particularly well-known during her lifetime.  Her quiet and gentle words, however, make her come alive.  She expressed love through her letters, which live on today.

"My letter as a bee, goes laden.  Please love us and remember us.  Please write us very soon, and tell us how you are ..."

Would you not love to receive such a lovely missive in your mail?  Would it not be akin to finding a rose among a bush infested with thorns to find such a thing of beauty nestled among the bills and junk mail that comprise most of our mail?

Joy for today:  send a flower of words to a friend.

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  1. She had a gift with words, and the wisdom to use them wisely. I'm coming awake to the importance of this. Aren't her poems like letters to us?