Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 53, February 22

"I will go forward ... I will smile at the rage of the tempest, and ride fearlessly and triumphantly across the boisterous oceans of circumstance ... and the testimony of Jesus will light up a lamp that will guide my vision through the portals of immortality."--Eliza R. Snow

Eliza R. Snow was a pioneer poet, leader, teacher, and advocate of bringing culture and learning to the Salt Lake Valley, where the Mormon pioneers had settled.

Sister Snow had stared down mobs, made the trek west, and edited a magazine in an era where many did not read, much less write, all with grace and style and, most of all, gratitude to the Lord.  She did all this and more.

The above quote reminds me of the courage she displayed and the fearlessness with which she faced all that life threw at her.  When I "grow up," I want to be like Eliza R. Snow.

Joy for today:  finding strength in a remarkable woman.

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