Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 54, February 23

Today is our daughter Alanna's birthday.  Alanna was born with a head full of silvery blond hair, blue eyes, and an infectious smile.  She was also born with a generous spirit, one that translates to all those around her.  Wherever her father and I took her, people remarked upon what a beautiful baby she was.  Proud mother that I was, I preened a bit every time someone told us that.

At the same time, I wanted to tell them that she was beautiful on the inside as well.  That beauty has only grown over the years.  Aside from caring for two lively children who are involved in a myraid of activities, Alanna holds a full time job and volunteers in several organizations, including a victims' advocacy group.  She serves in her ward (church) and makes hand-crafted cards that she shares with her craft-impaired mother.

She does all this and more, giving of her talents and time and energy to her family, her friends, anyone fortunate enough to be around her.

Joy for today:  loving Alanna.

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