Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 47, February 16

A couple of weeks ago in Fast and Testimony meeting, a man bore his testimony about his journey in learning to love his father.  The man and his father had not had a close relationship during the man's boyhood.          Father and son had never learned to connect.  In praying for a better understanding between them, the man understood that he needed to see his father as God saw him, to see him as a child of God.

This testimony so touched me that I scribbled down some notes to use in this blog.  What if we all looked at our brothers and sisters and tried to see them as God sees them?   Surely our eyes would be opened and our hearts softened.  Would there be less greed, less strife, less hatred?  Certainly.

In the last months, I have prayed specifically to ask God to soften my heart toward a couple of individuals.  I've prayed for this in the past, but I'm afraid my prayers weren't sincere and that God knew that.  With more maturity and more humility, I'm trying again.

Joy for today:  seeing someone as a child of God.

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  1. If you discover any useful tricks, would you pass them on? I think we all have a couple of people in our lives with whom we are having difficulty!