Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 267, October 4

Elder Marvin J. Ashton had a small sign placed on an ofice door that read, "Come in without knocking and leave the same way."

Elder Ashton noted that the word "knock" has two definitions:  to strike something with a sharp blow and to find fault or criticism.  "This sign served as a reminder to me to come into the office without finding fault and to leave at the close of the day the same way," he said.

In a few short words, Elder Ashton gave us a fairly comprehensive guideline for living:  to refrain from finding fault in our comings and goings.  What a kinder and gentler world it would be if we could all do this on a daily basis.  As I look back on a typical day, I am chagrined and ashamed to realize that I spent many words in finding fault and voicing it.  What a sad commentary.

Joy for today:  entering without knocking and leaving the same way.

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