Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 269, October 6

Don't you love hearing stories about Prophet Thomas S. Monson?  During the recent general conference, I learned a new story about him.  Following World War II, Elder Monson (this was long before he was President of the Church and Prophet), he visited Germany.  At this time, Germany was a land of chaos, where poverty was so overwhelming that even hardened soldiers wept at the hunger and need they witnessed.

Elder Monson was so moved by the plight of the people that he gave away his second suit and all of his white shirts but one. (I suspect he would have given away his other suit and white shirt if he hadn't needed something to wear home.)

On the flight home, he was wearing a pair of house slippers because he had given away his shoes.  What compassion and generosity.  And what an example for the rest of us.

Joy for today:  loving our Prophet even more than I already did.

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