Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 290, October 27

"In a world of such beauty as birds in flight, surely I can come to feel at home again, even after my loss." ~ Martha Whitmore Hickman

One of my favorite Primary songs talks of the beautiful world Heavenly Father created for His children.  Surely this time of year bursting with vibrant color is proof of the Father's love for us.  Why else would He have designed such beauty?

Still, when my heart is grieving, I have a difficult time remembering that.  When I question "Why?" I sometimes forget to look out the window.  When I do, I rejoice, not only in the reds and golds and greens but in the balance of the colors, each in perfect harmony with the other.

And I remember that my life, too, has balance.  When it seems that grief outweighs everything else, I look to that harmony in nature and feel a measure of my own restored.

Joy for today:  finding the Lord's harmony.

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