Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 276, October 13

"Education should prepare people not just to earn a living but to live a life--a creative, humane and sensitive life."--Charles Silberman

Decades (or eons) ago, I graduated from college with a degree in sociology, with a minor in psychology.  Three days later, I was married.  Our first baby came along ten months after Larry's and my marriage.  We decided that I was needed at home more than I would ever be needed at the workplace.

What does this little recap have to do with the above quote?  It's easy.  I never earned a living with my degree.  And some wondered why I didn't, if I had wasted my education.  I like to think that the learning I did in college and beyond prepared me to "live a life."

Am I always creative, humane and sensitive?  No.  But I try to be upon occasion. I try to find ways to create, to give, to understand.  This blog is one of those ways.

Joy for today:  using what I learned.

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