Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 272, October 9

"Be calm and wear a tutu."  I found this piece of sage advice on a little girl's T-shirt.

It made me smile.  More, it made me think.  I decided I would do well to follow this counsel.

I am a world-champ worrier.  The trouble is, worrying doesn't solve or improve anything.  If I heeded the advice to "be calm," I would approach things with a more peace-filled and hope-filled heart.

As for the "wear a tutu" part:  just the idea of wearing a tutu makes me smile.  And even if I can't find a tutu to fit me, I can enjoying the picture it conjures up in my mind.

Joy for today:  being calm and wearing a tutu.

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  1. I like this and it seems like something you might say. :)