Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 277, October 14

"The universe pays every man in his own coin; if you smile, it smiles on you in return; if you frown, you will be frowned at; if you sing, you will be invited into cheerful company; if you think, you will be entertained by thinkers; if you love the world, and earnestly look for the good therein, you will be surrounded by loving friends, and nature will pour into your lap the treasures of the earth."  Mike Lea

This quote reminds me of the law of the harvest:  we reap what we sow.  Sometimes that reaping is immediately apparent, as in the above.  A smile reaps another smile; a frown reaps a frown in return.  And so on.

Sometimes what we reap does not make itself known until years later.  Such is the case with my writing.  I have spent more than three decades practicing my craft.  The rewards, at least financially, have been minimal.  But I kept "sowing," knowing that I would not reap anything without putting in the work. Lately, I've experienced some success and rejoice in it.

Of far more importance is my relationship with others, including the Lord.  Sowing seeds of love and friendship and loyalty has reaped blessings without number. My life would be poor indeed without these precious connections, with family, friends, and the Lord.

Joy for today:  sowing, reaping, and loving.

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  1. You have done more than you realize. There are many, many people out there who have been fortunate to be the ones that have had your love shared with them, the letters in the mail, the little things that you think aren't that important but truly are! Thank you for being the special you that you are! I count myself truly lucky to have been on your giving list! Hugs!