Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 289, October 26

Yesterday, I blogged about fabrics and lives. Sometimes our fabric tears, tears so badly, in fact, that we fear it will disintegrate altogether.

When someone dies, there is a tear in the fabric.  Several friends and I have experienced the loss of loved ones in recent months.  My fabric ripped apart; indeed, I felt that my life had ripped apart.  How do we repair those tears?  For it is our job to re-weave the strands, to strengthen the fabric again.

By honoring the memory of your loved one; nurturing those memories by writing them down in your journal is one way. Creating a scrapbook of photos and journal entries could be another. Painting, drawing…however you can express the memories best. One of my ways is to tell stories about those who have passed on to the next life.  I love stories, especially humorous ones.  In telling these stories, I remind myself and others of that dear sister, mother, friend who has left us for a short while.

The strands are all there: to the memory nothing is ever lost." ~Eudora Welty

Joy for today: strengthening fabric, strenghtening memories, strengthening love.

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