Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 196, July 13

I had another post planned for today, but circumstances caused me to postpone it and write this one instead:

As yesterday's post related, it was the one year anniversary of Dave Lancaster's passing.  I still grieve, not for him,for I know he is in heaven with the Father and the Son,  but for the family and friends he left, family and friends who still miss him terribly.

Today, my doorbell chimed.  To tell the truth, I was tempted not to answer it.  I had just come home from garage sailing and looked a fright.  (More of a fright than usual, that is.)  However, I did answer it.  Jeannie Lancaster stood there, holding a lovely box of homemade cookies.  (Jeannie bakes cookies; I buy them, just one of the ways I wish I could be more like her.)

The box held a note which I'd like to copy here:

"Today is the one year anniversary of Dave's passing.  As you might imagine, it is a difficult time.  But we decided that we needed to try to focus once again on the good we had during his illness of finding joy even in the midst of adversity.  So we decided to think about you and the other dear people who made such a difference in his and our lives during his journey with leukemia and in the year since.  Thank you for your kindness, your support and your example.  Thinking about your service brings us great joy."

It was signed "Jeannie, Torri, David, and Sean."

On the day when I should have been taking something to Jeannie and her children, she brought something to me and others.  How like Jeannie that is.  And how like her to focus on her blessings.

I felt like a fraud in accepting the box of cookies, because, in truth, I didn't do very much.  I tried to be a good friend, but often felt powerless to help my dear friend and her family in their time of need.

So, for today, I am grateful for friends who find blessings in adversity.


  1. How thoughtful of Jeannie and a lovely story.

  2. What a wonderful story, but not really surprising, since Jeannie is the author of "Entering the Thankful Zone." How blessed you are to be friends!

  3. They were and are a good family. Reading this made me think how he made it out to our reception the month before he passed away.