Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 211, July 28

A friend recently related a story that so touched me that I knew I had to share it here:

A litter of kittens was dropped off at an animal shelter.  The shelter didn't have the means or staff to hand feed the kittens, so a wise individual took the kittens to a mother dog.  The dog immediately embraced the kittens and began to nurse them.

One of the kittens fell into the dog's large water dish.  She would have drown if the dog hadn't picked her up and delivered her to safety.

That nurturing is inherent in most women.  Whether or not they are mothers, they care for, protect, nourish, and provide for children.  Mothers or grandmothers, aunts or teachers, they give love because it is their God-given nature.  Sadly, there are a few women who discard their children as they would a used tissue.  I cannot but feel that they are also discarding that part of them that is divine.

So, for today, I am grateful for the nurturing love in women that is ordained of the Lord.

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