Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 209, July 26

Can you bear one more post about pionners?

As always, my thoughts and sympathies are drawn to the women, those mothers who made the arduous trek to Utah.  For the most part, these were gently bred and raised women of the east, many of whom had enjoyed a comfortable if not lavish lifestyle.  They were educated in the art of being ladies.  Yet they sacrificed everything to follow a prophet and follow the Lord.

They had no experience in survival in a wilderness, of catching game or handling a team of oxen.  They did not know how to pick up cow patties to use as fuel.  (Even writing that, I shudder.)  They did not know how to cook over a campfire.  They certainly did not know how to bury a child under a pile of rocks and then leave him there while they journeyed on.

But they did all that.  And more.

So, for today and everyday, I am grateful for strong women.

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