Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 234, October 4

What do I value?  What is my treasure?  Who--or what--has my heart?  In the face of the terrible flooding that our area has faced in recent weeks, where thousands of families lost everything, I've had cause to wonder about what I value and treasure.

If my husband and I had to flee our home, what would I bring with me?  First, I'd put our kitty in her carrier. I'd grab some family pictures and genealogoy and maybe, just maybe, one designer purse.   (At one time I would have grabbed the scriptures, but they are no available on our phones.)

The possessions, comforts, and luxuries which we've collected over a lifetime would be left behind, perhaps to be washed away.  In accepting this, I realize that we spend a great deal of time caring for our possessions.  We vacuum them, dust them, display them.  And I wonder, do I possess them or do they possess me?

This is certainly not an original question.  Many have asked it in the past.  Many of us will continue to ask it, seeking some kind of  justification for why we spend so much time and effort in acquiring the possession which we believe define us.  When I come up with an answer (if I come up with an answer), I'll share it with you.  In the meantime, I'm still pondering.

So, for today, I am grateful for those occasions when I have the prescience to ask "What do I value?"


  1. I fear that, too often, I place too much value on those things that I can't take with me at the end of this life.

  2. Looking at what I spend a great deal of time on, I am sooooo grateful that I can't take dirty dishes and laundry with me.