Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 239, October 9

"Get rid of anything that isn't useful. Clutter weighs you down in many ways."

(This is a quote by a 90-year-young woman who continues to live a full and productive life.) 

Recently, I've had the opportunity to consider the clutter in our home.  Nothing too big, just bits and pieces that have collected over 40 years of marriage.  Though I try to weed out things on a semi-regular basis, the clutter still keeps happening.

Two events have made me more determined than ever to rid our home of (at least some) of its clutter. 

The first:  Larry and I helped friends empty their basement when it was filled with water during the flooding.  We carried books and magazines, fabric and dolls, and a myriad of other things from their basement.  Many of the items were ruined and sent to the dump.  A few precious things--like a grandmother's journals--were carefully dried out.  When I came home, I immediately went down to our basement and loaded up several bags with books.  (You'll find this hard to believe, but I collect books!)

The second:  we're having some remodeling done in our home.  This means cleaning out kitchen drawers and cabinets.  I shook my head at all the stuff that I pulled from the drawers.  Who knew that so much STUFF could fit in one narrow drawer?  I went through said stuff and filled two bags to take to a thrift store.  I hope to go through it again and eliminate yet more things.

Clutter, like death and taxes, is always with us, demanding that we weed out the things that are clogging our lives.  When I am surrounded by clutter, I feel stifled, uncreative, and lethargic.  Clutter saps energy and positive feelings.

So, for today, I am grateful for those times when I can sap clutter instead of clutter sapping me.


  1. Amen to your last statement. I hate clutter and try to avoid it at all costs. Although, that might mean, that maybe, on just one occasion, something has been thrown out that shouldn't have.

  2. I am a reforming packrat. So I, too, am fighting the war with clutter. I have to keep telling myself that I haven't lost yet if I haven't surrendered or literally been buried.