Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 121, May 1

Finding joy in every day occurrences shouldn't be hard.  And sometimes it isn't.  Sometimes, the ideas and words come as though the Lord Himself is guiding my thoughts and hands.  Other times, however, ideas and thoughts are stifled.  When I asked the Father why He was denying inspiration to me, I realized that He was not denying it; I was unable to hear it because my mind and heart were blocked.

I'm learning to recognize those times when my mind and heart are blocked.  At those times, my thoughts are turned inward, and I become totally self-absorbed.  How can I expect to hear the Lord when I'm so completely focused on myself?  Of course, I can't hear anything but my own words screaming inside my head.

Joy for today:  turning outward rather than inward.

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