Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 140, May 20

Each week I try to send some little something to my grandsons who live far away.  Last week, I sent pages of stickers.  Each sticker contained "cheers," such as "extraordinary," "super work," "out of this world," "4-star rating," "awe inspiring," etc.

It set me to wondering (once again, the strangest things set me to wondering) what would happen if we each tried to use such words in our conversations and dealings with others.  What if we tried to build each other up with our choice of words on a regular basis?  Would our world be a better place?  Would it be a happier place?  Would we feel better about ourselves and others?

Yes.  Yes.  And yes.

I'm fortunate to know many "people builders."  These people take the time to build me and others up.  Unfortunately, I know a few "people destroyers."  As you might guess, these people do the opposite, taking delight in tearing others down.

Joy for today:  being a people builder.

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