Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 130, May 10

Do you ever get discouraged with your weakness and failings?  I do.  I grow very discouraged when I seem to make the same mistake over and over again.

A recent argument (okay, I'll be honest, a knock-down-drag-out fight) with my husband reminded me that I continue to repeat the same mistakes.  I wanted him, no, demanded of him, that he do something that he was incapable of.  As he pointed out, I, too, have my limitations.

It was disheartening to realize that we were fighting over the same thing we've fought about from the first years of our marriage.  I keep hoping things will change and realize that they won't.  After a period of moping, sulking, and whining, I picked myself up and resolved to try again.

We aren't likely to resolve this issue in this lifetime. But, because we love each other and made covenants in the temple, we are sticking.  We're like two old pieces of Velcro, a bit tattered and definitely ratty, but we stick.

Joy for today:  sticking.  

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