Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 237, September 4

Have you had a day where, despite your best goal-setting  and plans, you got distracted?   Afterward, we feel bad about ourselves that we didn't accomplish our goals.  And that's okay.

But there can be times when something more important comes up, interrupting the best laid plans, the most noble goals.  One Friday morning, I had my day laid out, the time meticulously divided up between activities. Then my eighty-something year old friend called in distress, afraid she was having a stroke.  I dropped everything, jumped in the car (still in my exercise clothes), and drove to her place.  We determined that she should go to the hospital.  The next six hours or so were spent with Dorothy at the hospital, where we learned that she had a UTI.

My goals didn't get met; my plans were interrupted.  And that was all right.  It was far more important that I spend the time helping my friend.

Joy for today:  interrupted plans.

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