Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 240, September 7

Joy abounds, yet sometimes my heart does not feel it.  When my heart is closed, it fails to recognize joys that would be immediately apparent on another day.

I liken it to a window or door closed against the world.  I have been known to do this, to close the blinds and take refuge inside, not letting in the sunshine or even a visitor who might knock on the door.  Do you ever do that, closing yourself in, perhaps in an effort to protect yourself or perhaps in an effort to protect others from your bleak mood?

It is counter-intuitive, but an instinctive reaction, at least to some of us.  On the other hand, when my heart is open, I tend to open the blinds, to leave the door unlocked, to reach out to others.

Joy for today:  opening my windows ... and my heart.

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