Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 246, September 13

"The difference between the top money winners in the PGA golf tour and the bottom money winners can be as little as one stroke a day."--Steve Miller, former PGA tour player

(In case you didn't pick up on it, this goes along with yesterday's blog.)

One stroke a day.  I'm probably never going to be on the PGA golf tour--strike that, I'm never going to be on the PGA golf tour, but I can relate to the one stroke a day part.  For a writer, that could translate to an extra hundred words a day.  For a sprinter, that could mean an extra half mile a day.  For a piano player, that could equal one extra hour of practice a day.  And so on.

What is your one stroke a day?  Do you want to be able to improve your organ playing so that you can provide music at your church services?  Can you squeeze in an extra hour, or half hour, or even fifteen minutes of practice a day?  Do you want to participate in a 5 K race?  Can you spend five minutes of your thirty minute walk jogging instead of walking?  Do you want to ---?  You fill in the blank.

Joy for today:  taking one more stroke today.  And the next.

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