Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 254, September 21

(This is a continuation of yesterday's post.)

"That clarity lets us see what help we need.  We need strength beyond ourselves to keep the commandments in whatever circumstances life brings to us.  For some it may be poverty, but others it may be prosperity.  It may be the ravages of age or the exuberance of youth.  The combination of trials and their duration are as varied as are the children of our Heavenly Father.  No two are alike.  But what is being tested is the same, at all times in our lives and for every person:  will we do whatsoever the Lord our God will command us?"--Henry B. Eyring.

What circumstances are giving you grief right now?  Is it worries over children or aging parents?  Or is it wondering if you can make next month's mortgage?  Or is it, as it is for me, the recent deaths of loved ones?
Whatever circumstances you are facing, the Lord is there.  He is with us when we are being tested.  He is with us when we think we can't take another step.  He is with us.  Period.

Joy for today:  being tested, with the Lord at our side.  

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