Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 251, September 18

"What we sow or plant in the soil will come back to us in exact kind.  It's impossible to sow corn and get a cup of wheat, but we enitrely disregard this law when it comes to mental sowing."--Orison Sweet Marden

I had to stop and think about the words "mental sowing."  What is mental sowing?  Then the answer came (duh): my thoughts are mental sowing.

Too often my thoughts are often negative.  Sometimes they are negative about others.  But frequently they are negative about myself.  "What a dumb thing to say or do," I tell myself after a less than stellar performance.  Or, "Could you get any dumber, Jane?"

How self-defeating is that?  To expect that I will accomplish great things when I am sabotaging myself at every turn?

I don't think I'm alone in this habit.  I have heard others, mostly women, who put themselves down at every turn.  It makes me sad for them.  It makes me sad for me.

Joy for today:  sowing positive thoughts.

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