Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 128, May 8

Today is Mother's Day. Like many mothers, I have mixed feelings about this day. Sometimes it is the source of laughter; at others, tears. And always love. Isn't that what motherhood is all about?

I received a card from my youngest son yesterday. The front of the card reads: "Mother's Day is a chance for us to treat you like a queen!" The inside message continues, "A queen with really lazy subjects who don't listen very well."

I love this message. I love the humor in it and a son who knew I needed a laugh.

Being a mother is demanding, humbling, and downright hard. It is filled with questions. Did I do enough? No. Was I patient enough? No. Was I compassionate enough? No. Was I wise enough? No. Did I love enough? We'll see. For my job of being a mother isn't over. My children are grown but (I like to think) still need me.

Okay. We've established that motherhood is a mix of laughter and tears, hard work and humility. (Did I mention guilt?) My memories are also a mix. Washing filthy clothes after a son's week at scout camp. Listening to a child say his first prayer. Helping my daughter choose a prom dress. I take out these memories and others and hold them close to my heart as I would a flower pressed between the pages of a book.

So, for today, I am grateful for the joys of being a mother.


  1. Without the bitter, we would not know the sweet. If our children were always well-behaved, our dishes always done, our floors always swept and shining, and there were never any chocolate candies that went through the wash AND the dryer (you'd think I'd learn to take the time to check EVERY pocket, no matter how small), then we wouldn't know the joys of dandelion bouquets, sticky kisses, and a sincere "I wub you, Mom". Not to mention, tickle-times, stories, seeing shapes in the clouds, and having an excuse to go out for the occasional ice cream.

    No, it can't all be like that, because then motherhood would be, well, kinda boring. It's far too important to be boring!

  2. Who knew that being a mother would be such hard work and that you would feel like a failure much of the time? Such a hard calling but so rewarding.