Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 121, May 1

Today our grandson Christopher turns eight years old. With his blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, he closely resembles our three sons. He also shares some personality traits with them in that he is intelligent, funny, and curious.

Despite their similarities, each of these boys (really my sons are now men, but they will always be my boys) has a unique Spirit. They did not develop this Spirit or cultivate it. It accompanied them to this mortal sphere. The Spirit is eternal. The Spirit is what makes each individual unique.

It is convenient to clump people in broad categories. We define ourselves by our political leanings, our race, our religion, etc. I do it myself, and sometimes I forget that which makes each of us individual. Certainly, talents, skills, and interests play a part, but (I believe) they are the by-product of our Spirits, the gifts that we carried with us on this leg of our eternal journey.

So, for today, I am grateful for the Spirit that shines through each of us.

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  1. Happy birthday, Christopher!

    I believed in the pre-existence, until I had children.

    Then I had an unshakeable conviction and testimony.

    My dear little ones (even the one taller than me) had personalities in-utero. Likes and dislikes that were very clear. It was interesting to see others exclaim over my oldest child's preference to use her legs than her arms as a baby. It was no surprise to me. My ribs knew all about it. You should see her on the soccer field, by the way!