Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145, May 25

Life has a way of humbling you when you're least expecting it. Perhaps it isn't life doing the work but the Lord. I always figured it was my children's job to humble me, but I realized that my arrogance is such that the Lord had to step in occasionally and help them out.

Let me share a couple of humbling experiences with you.

One of my books that I was especially fond of (and proud of) was reviewed by the Library Journal. (This erudite periodical reviews books of all kinds.) Of this particular book, the Journal wrote, "the writing is naive and simplistic." The review went on to lambast other aspects of the my writing as well.

A week ago, I took my kitty to the doctor. I wore a spring-green blouse, a color which many people had said complemented my coloring. I was feeling pretty good about myself, even more so when the vet commented on it. When I returned home, I noticed that I had misbuttoned the blouse, so that one side hung lower than the other. I had spent the morning feeling that I was, for once, looking put-together only to discover that I couldn't even dress myself properly.

My list of humbling and embarrassing experiences could fill several books on its own. I look back on these and smile at my foolishness over being upset for even a moment. They are fleeting, hardly worth a mention. Yet I allowed myself to fall victim to these things of the world.

What must the Lord be thinking when I am arrogant and willful over obeying His commandments? Why do I struggle over keeping the simplest of commandments? Why do I believe I know best--about anything?

So, for today, I am grateful --eventually--for experiences that humble me.

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  1. Well, I don't have the worldly prestige of a Library Journal reviewer, but I've read some of your writing, and I find it neither naive nor simplistic (which a very offensive word, in my opinion). I found it charming and full of hope and promise. Just so's you know.

    As for the blouse, as long as you had adequate coverage, who cares? It's better than me. I sat down while the opening prayer was being offered preparatory to my teaching gospel doctrine. To my chagrin, I noticed that several of the buttons on the front of my skirt were not buttoned. I hurriedly buttoned them, trying not to think of the time I'd already spent walking down the hall and in front of the class. Slips are wonderful things, aren't they? I'm grateful for slips that cover my slips!