Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 133, May 13

Yesterday, I discovered that was having "issues." No one could read my post, nor could I post anything new. I was as bereft as if I'd lost my favorite designer purse!

To tell the truth, I was put out at blogspot. My husband, saint that he is, pointed out that it was free and that I should be more grateful for the service instead of complaining about it.

He was right. Here I am trying to do a gratitude blog and I complain about the very thing that allows me to do it. Obviously I haven't learned much over the last four and a half months. My prayer today is, "Heavenly Father, please don't give up on me."

How many times have I given up on myself? Too many to count. But I know the Father never does. Every day I wonder how He manages to keep loving me despite my selfishness, my weaknesses, my sins. And every day I am grateful (or try to be) that He keeps trying. Why can't I do the same with myself and others?

So, for today (and every day), I am grateful for a Father who doesn't give up.

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