Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 141, May 21

I love lilacs. I love the color variations, from pure white to rosy pink, palest blue to deepest purple.

Our family also has color variations. My husband and I are both blond and blue-eyed with fair skin. Our first four children are also blond and blue-eyed. Our adopted daughter, Ann, has dark hair and dark eyes. Rob, our first son, adopted two little boys. One has dark hair and olive-colored skin; the other is half African American and half Dominican with black hair and skin the color of cinnamon. Our daughter, Alanna, has two children as well, both blond and blue-eyed.

All the children and grandchildren are beautiful. Each is unique in his coloring. Even among the blond and blue-eyed ones, there are differences. Two children have reddish glints in their hair. One of our sons can actually tan a bit. Some have freckles; some don't.

More important than coloring, though, are the unique talents and traits that set them apart. One son excells at math. Another has a wicked sense of humor that shows up at unexpected times. Alanna makes beautiful cards and scrapbook pages, as does her daughter. And so it goes.

I love these differences in our children and grandchildren. I love that each brings something special to our family, strengthening the individual and the family as a whole.

So, for today, I am grateful for variations in color and spirit ... in lilacs and in people.


  1. I'm picturing your family as a bouquet, made all the more beautiful because of the variations in color.