Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 143, May 23

In the Mormon church, members contribute their services, everyone holding jobs or callings. My current calling is that of pianist for the Primary (children's group). I love watching the children and listening to their sweet voices as they sing of Heavenly Father and Jesus.

One song in particular touches my heart, "Children All Over the World." In this song, children praise the Lord by giving thanks in different languages: Gracias (Spanish), Malo (Tongan), Wirdankendir (German), Tak (Danish), Merci (French), Kansha shimasu (Japanese). The song reminds me that saying "thank you" is a universal need and that there is a universal need to hear it.

As the children sing these words with enthusiastic fervor, I wonder why adults frequently find it so difficult to say the same words to family members and friends ... and the Lord. We resist uttering the words, as though somehow we will detract from ourselves if we give voice to them. As in many things, we would do well to emulate the example of our children.

So, for today, I am grateful for the words "Thank you" in whatever language they are spoken.

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  1. THANK YOU ... for sharing my 3rd great grandpa's story with the world - Healing Among the Zuni in the June 2011 FRIEND. I started a family organization for him back in 2003. See our website: (which my brother maintains). We took the family reunion to Zuni in 2007 where we had a special day with the Zuni branch and met Sister Hooee who is a descendant of one of the people Llewellyn healed in 1878. Church activity in the Zuni branch is about 10% - miracles do not produce faith. Our family has gathered together money to provide 70 Ensign subscriptions for the Zuni people; to hopefully help in the spiritual healing of the people our ancestor physically healed years ago. Thank you again for sharing his story. Amy Archibald (