Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 260, September 17

In telling a friend about some "new" furniture that I purchased at a garage sale, I described it as sturdy, serviceable, and, hopefully, able to stand up to grandchildren. I concluded by saying that I'm not a fancy person.
My wise friend responded that she had never aspired to be fancy. Rather, she said, she wanted to be classy. It started me to thinking about what is classy.
I believe classy comes from within. The woman who treats others, regardless of their position in life, with compassion and respect is classy. The young person who gives up his seat on a crowded bus to a young mother whose arms are full of a squirming toddler and packages is classy. The man who spends his Saturday to help a single mother paint her house is classy.
Classy comes in all shapes and sizes. It sometimes appears when we least expect it. It makes itself known when we put people above things and Christ above all.
So, for today, I am grateful for classy people, like my friend.

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  1. Now this gives me hope. Fancy? No-can-do. Classy? That might be possible. With work. A lot of it.